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Add Google Maps With WordPress by HooThemes

Nowadays, Google Maps is very useful and it offers powerful, user-friendly mapping technology and local business information — including business locations, contact information, and driving directions.

Maybe you know that there are different kinds of ways to add Google Maps, such as using Google Maps plugins etc..

In this text, we are talking about how to add Google Maps By HooThemes. You can add a Google Map using Short codes and you can also add full screen Google Map by using our themes.

Add Full Screen Google Map

You can add a Full Screen Google Map to any sections of SinglePage WordPress Theme.
In the dashboard, go to Appearance > Home Page > Full Screen Google Map

Type in any address and type in the numbers of Zoom and Scrolling Delay, select the sections you like to display in your sites. Then click Save Options button. Visit the site and you will see the example of what the added map will look like below.

Add Google Map Using Shortcodes (For Pro version)

You can add a Google Map to posts, pages or any sections of our themes (pro).
In the dashboard, go to Editors of posts, pages or sections, click the Shortcodes button on the top of the Editor.


Once all the settings are done, click Insert Shortcodes button. You will see the map looks like below.

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