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Create Portfolio with HooThemes


With the WordPress Portfolio Plugin, you can easily and quickly show off your website portfolio through a single page on your wordpress blog.

Now, I’d like to tell you how to create the portfolio step by step.

1) First, you need to create  portfolio categories. In your wordpress admin, go to Portfolio > Categories > Add New Category, type the Name, Slug, Descriptions for your category and then click Add New Category button.


2) Then in your wordpress admin, go to  Portfolio  > Add New, you should see the pictures like below.

Add New Post ‹ HOOTHEME DEMO — WordPress

Type the portfolio title and descriptions, select the category and add skills.

Add New Post ‹ HOOTHEME DEMO — WordPress2


Edit Post ‹ HOOTHEME DEMO — WordPress3


Add Featured Image, Gallery and Attributes.

3) You can create as many portfolios as you like by the above process, then you will see the page like below.

Porfolio Five   Onetake Pro WordPress Theme Demo

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