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Features of One Page Scroll

One Page WordPress theme–One Page Scroll, is our new theme, and its pro version is coming soon.



*One Page WordPress Theme

As it’s name shows, the One Page Scroll is One Page WordPress theme. It has four predefined sections for you to customize as desired and it can display a lot of content and information in a single page by scrolling smoothly, so your  visitors don’t need to move from one page to another and also don’t need to wait for another page load. See the Demo here.

There are a number of one page WordPress themes available and the use of one page website is a trend in website design. However, I’d like to say here is that our theme is the one which is easy to customize and doesn’t ask for advanced WordPress knowledge to build your website.


*Sidebar Nav Menu


Having easy-to-use navigation is important for any websites. Sidebar Nav  is a great way to provide navigation for your entire website, or for sections of an individual page.The sidebar menu seems to be coming back into fashion once again after it was left behind for horizontal navigation bars. It was most common back in the early days of web design.

Our site uses a clean and fixed left hand side navigation menu, it can be a bit jumpy the navigation to the various sections are smooth and accurate. It is a very simple layout but gives a good user experience.



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