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Fix the Issue WordPress Not Sending Emails

Many users are using the wp-smtp plugin, but after our testing and comparison, the WP Mail SMTP plugin should be a better plugin for solving WordPress mailing problems.

WP Mail SMTP by WPForms

Plugin function description:

Reconfigure the wp_mail() function to replace the host’s default mail() function with the smtp function.

Key features of the plugin:

1, custom send mail name and email address;

2, you can choose the way to send mail, there are two ways: smtp and PHP’s mail ();

3, custom smtp host;

4, custom smtp port;

5, choose the method of sending mail, support ssl;

6, choose whether you want to verify smtp;

7, if you choose to verify smtp, you need to enter the account and password to ensure that the verification is successful and that the mail can be sent normally.

Download WP Mail SMTP

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