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Avata improvements  

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I am using Avata for a while now, and I would like to send you improvements that would be great to realize.

- The first one : it would be nice if we could change the section id of the footer (not #undefined)

- 2nd : If we activate the auto scrolling, and if we go down 'too quick' with a trackpad (people are not used to this much), we can go down / up 2 sections below / up.It would be nice to limitate the number of section of one when going up or down, even if we go down a lot on a trackpad.

- 3rd :  concerning the buttons style (slide banner) : we do not see a lot the rightbutton : how can we change the color of it ? Or even via the CSS ? I didn't find anything about that.

-4th : concerning the section video background, we are no able to change the typography (it doesn't work) and if the text is too long, it goes out of the screen on a mobile phone. Once again, we do not see a lot the right buttons.

I have listed all the things that need to be updated (in my opinion), but Avata is a very very good theme ! We are enjoying it since the last updates : top bar, no side bar on a phone ....

Thanks !

Posted : 09/09/2018 8:02 am
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Hi @lucas,

Thank you very much for your advice and we will improve it as soon as possible.

Posted : 09/09/2018 10:00 am
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I hope you guys are working on the improvements i have talked about.

I have a last improvement that would be nice to develop : that would be great if we could write the name of the sections next to the 'bubbles' : when you click on one bubble, you have absolutely no idea where you are going to go.

Naming each 'bubble' would resolve the problem.



Posted : 28/10/2018 9:43 am
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