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Great Upgrade for SinglePage

SinglePage Theme has a great upgrade this time. In the upgrade, we add two features to the theme to meet users’ needs.

  • HTML5 Video Background 
  • Full Screen Google Map

Since SinglePage was released in Jan. 2015, it attract a great number of people to download and use it. We know that more options means more chances to attract your customers, so we try our best to upgrade and improve it. Now, take a look at the two features’ options.

HTML5 Video Background Options

In the Admin Dashboard, go to Appearance > Theme Options > Homepage, there is an HTML5 Video Background Options, unfold it and we will see the pictures like below.



Demo HTML5 video URL



As we can see from the pictures, there are three types of videos for you to choose to play in your site, the thing you need to do is just to type in the video url.

Also, you can choose the Video Background Sections you like to display the video for your site.

Full Screen Google Map

To meet the customers’ requirements, we add this feature.

In the Dashboard, go to Appearance > Theme Options > Homepage, we can see the Full Screen Google Map Options.

Unfold it and it will display as the picture below.


Then type the Address and Zoom, select the Sections you like to display the Map. Once finishing setting, it will show as the following picture.



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