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HooThemes Updates: Onetake Pro Version 2.3.1

Onetake Pro Version 2.3.1 is available now. To make the theme better and meet the users requirement, we add new options to the theme- Onetake.

* Added Theme Options Import/Export

* Added header top bar

Theme Options Import/Export 

With the Theme Options Import/Export option, you don’t need to worry about that your site’s settings will be lost.

All your theme options including basic settings and Home Page settings and so on will be stored in the box of Options Export. You can copy and paste it to a blank .txt file.

In your dashboard, go to Appearance > Theme Options > Options Export/Import, see the theme options in the box below.


If you want to use your theme options for another sites, you just need to paste the above option contents to the box of Options Import, then click Import Theme Options.


Header Top Bar

We add a header top bar for the theme.

Step 1. In your dashboard, go to Appearance > Theme Options > Header


See the picture above, finish setting the top bar options and then click Save Options.

Step 2. Go to Appearance > Menus to add a top bar menu. Then check Top Bar Menu.



Visit your site, you can see the Header Top Bar like below.



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