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How to Create Featured Home Page with Onetake?

How to use theme–onetake?

    1. Theme Options

Go to Administration > Appearance  > Theme Options, you will find that our Onetake Theme has many options, including General Options,Home Page, Header, Footer, Homepage Slider, Blog.

    2.  Create home page

First of all, Go to Administration > Appearance  > Theme Options > Home Page


  • A. Select Enable Featured Homepage, then select the number of sections you like to appear  in your Home Page. As you see, we select 5 sections in the picture.
  • B. Adding content for each section.  click section 1-5 to access  section option. For example, we click section 1 and it will show as the following picture.



Here are some explainations about the above picture.

Section title: It is on the top of the section, if the section title field leaves blank, the section title will not appear.

Title Color: Select font color for section title.

Title Border Color: select color for elliptical border of section title.

Content Color: Select font color for section content.

Section ID: ( See the following 4 key points )

a.  Section Background: Select the backgroung color or images.

100% Width Background Image: Setting the section’s background image width 100%.

Full Width: Setting section’s content full width or boxed.

b.  Section Css Class: Css class name. Used to set custom css for a certain section.

C. Section Content: Setting content for sections.


After finishing setting all the other sections in this way, click on Save Options button in the lower right corner to save the options. Then go to Administration> Pages to create two pages, title them as Home and Blog. Home is used for displaying Home page, Blog is used for displaying blog lists.


Once the pages are created, go to Administration > Appearance  > Settings > Reading to set Static Page, select Home we’ve created earlier for Front page , select blog we’ve created earlier for Posts page, then click the Save Changes button in the bottom.


If everything goes smoothly,visit the website, you will see the Home Page with one page style!

3. Set Video Background 

You can set YouTube video background by enter the video ID for any section.

  • Go to Administration > Appearance > Theme Options > Home Page , you’ll see Video Background  Options  which is shown as the following picture.


  • Get YouTube Video ID.  Go to to choose the video you like to show in your site. Then you can copy the Video ID from the following two places.



  • Select Video Background Section. If you don’t want to display Video Backgroud in your site, select No video background. In our demo, we choose to insert the Video Background to Section 1.



Then for Section 1 Content, if you select Content, the video will be displayed in Section 1; select Slider,it will be displayed as slides in Homepage Slider in Section 1.

4. Create one page menu

In the section option, we have set a Section ID for each section, this Section ID is a scrolling anchor of one page menu. For example, in section 1, we set Section ID as  “section-home”

  •  go to Administration > Appearance  > Menus to create a new menu named One Page Menu, click on create menu button.



Once the One Page Menu is created, we can set section link for each section.

  • Click links on the left, we will see a URL field and a Link Text field.
  • Fill the Section ID which we have set before in the URL field and add # in front of it,fill the menu title in the Link Text field, for example, we fill “home” as a title.
  • Click Add to Menu button.



After clicking Add to Menu,  Home menu item will appear on the right.


In the same way, we can create menu items for the other sections. After finishing creating menu items, select One Page Menu, then click on save menu button.

we can also add blog to menu from the pages on the left, then go to the homepage and click it, it will access to blog page.


Now look at the following picture, it is the final result for menu items in homepage. Click the menu items, it will scroll to the corresponding section.


5. Use Portfolio ( for Onetake pro)

Go to Administration > portfolio > categories to add portfolio category.




Then go to Administration > portfolio  > add new to add title, description, skills etc for portfolio.

A. Add title, description, skills.

Add New Post ‹ HOOTHEME DEMO — WordPress

B. Add featured image, gallery. (Featured image is the thumbnails in the Portfolios.)

Add New Post ‹ HOOTHEME DEMO — WordPress2

C. Add Attributes.

Edit Post ‹ HOOTHEME DEMO — WordPress3

In this way, you can add more portfolios, then open the portfolio item link and it will show as the following.

Porfolio Five   Onetake Pro WordPress Theme Demo


6. Use Shortcodes  (for Onetake pro)

On the top of every Editor, there is a Onetake Shortcodes button .


Click the Onetake Shortcodes, it will pop up a lightbox, then you can choose to set all the Onetake shortcodes in the lightbox.






Once the shortcode option is set, click on Insert Shortcode button, then insert the Shortcodes to the Editor.


Then preview the page, you will see the effect as the following.


To see all the shortcodes, please click this link:

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