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How to fix image upload HTTP error in WordPress?

We sometimes get the error “HTTP error” when uploading files in WordPress’s dashboard. How to fix this problem?

WordPress HTTP Error

1, Flash version problem
Someone can upload images using IE browser, because the flash version is not the same, it is recommended to upgrade flash (WP upload used flash)

2, PHP.ini configuration problem: increase the maximum upload file size limit:

File_uploads =on ; upload_max_filesize = 20m ; post_max_size = 20m ;

3, Modify the Nginx upload size limit (if you are using the Nginx server), open the nginx main configuration file nginx.conf, find the http{} section, add

Client_max_body_siz 20m; (allows uploading 20M)

4, File permissions issues:

Remember to set the permissions of the /wp-content/uploads directory under the WP program directory to 777.

5, The size of the image being uploaded exceeds the maximum size of WordPress settings

WordPress will process the uploaded image to generate multiple thumbnails, but if the uploaded image size is too large, beyond the processing power of WordPress, WordPress will also prompt “HTTP error”.

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