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How to install Onetake WordPress theme

Themes installation—-3 methods of installation

How to install themes? Here we have 3 methods as the following, you can choose one to install your themes.

  • Choose and install our theme from
  • Upload the theme you have already downloaded in your local machine.
  • Install the theme manually via FTP

Method 1: Through

Step 1:  In your dashboard, Go to Administration > Appearance  > Themes, click on Add New button.


Step 2: On the page Add Themes,search for our theme : onetake


Step 3: When the onetake theme appears, move the mouse to the screenshot of onetake, you will see a blue install button,  click the  install button, then the wordpress will start downloading the theme.



Step 4: Once the installation process is done, click Activate.


Method 2: Through local machine

Step1: Download the Theme file to your local machine from  

Step 2: Go to Administration > Appearance  > Themes  click on Add New button, then on the page of Add Themes, click upload Theme


Step 3 Click on Choose File button, select files from local machine and press  install now


Method 3: Through FTP

Follow these steps to add a new Theme to your WordPress installation Manually (FTP)

Step 1: Download the Theme archive and extract the files it contains. You may need to preserve the directory structure in the archive when extracting these files.

Step 2: Using an FTP client to access your host web server, create a directory to save your Theme in the wp-content/themes directory provided by WordPress. For example, the Theme named onetake should be in wp-content/themes/onetake. Your Theme may provide this directory as part of the archive.

Step 3: Upload the Theme files to the new directory on your host server.

Step 4: Select the Active Theme(Onetake Theme) for your site.

  • Log in to the WordPress Administration Panels.
  • Select the Appearancepanel, then Themes.
  • From the Themes panel, roll over the Theme thumbnail image for the Theme you are interested in to see      options for that theme.
  • You can view more information about any theme by clicking Theme Details.
  • A live preview of any Theme (using your blog’s content) can be seen by clicking Live Preview.
  • To activate the Onetake Theme click the Activate



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