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How to use shortcode-Dropcap


What is Dropcap? See the features of Dropcap.

  • It is the first letter of a paragragh.
  • It is much bigger than the other words of the paragragh.
  • It drops down two or more lines of the text.

With our shortcode, you can use the Dropcap without typing any code.

First, go to the Editor of post, page, section content etc, click the shortcode button on the top of the Editor box.

Select Dropcap in the lightbox.



Then type the first letter of your paragraph in the Dropcap Letter, select the color for the letter you type.



Next, choose Yes or No for Boxed Dropcap, type the radius of the letter.

After all these done, click Insert Shortcode button to insert the code to the Editor box.



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