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How to use shortcode-Service

Shortcode of Service are available by HooThemes. With the Service, you can present and explain the features and functions of your products clearly, thus it will make your product outstanding and highly attractive to buyers. Besides, you can use the Service to introduce your business scope etc. Service has powerful functions and it is easy to use. The only thing you need to do is to insert the shortcode Service to the Editor of the Themes by HooThemes.

Step 1 . In your WordPress admin, go to the Editor of post, page, section content etc, click the shortcodes button.

Step 2. Select Service in the lightbox.



Step 3. Type a title in Title and add a Read more link, choose color for the icons.


Step 4. Select the Icons you like to display, fill in the content in Text, select the animation types for Icons, Titles and Content, then select the Speed of Animation(form 0.1 to 3).





There are many Animation Type for you to choose.


Step 5. Click Insert Shortcodes. You can add more Service by repeating the above process.




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