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How to use Shortcodes Team Member 2015-05-29 18-07-27 (1) - hao123

We need to list the Team Members in our site sometimes, just like the picture above. How to use Team Member Shortcodes? You can use it with another Shortcode Column. Follow these steps.

Step 1. Click the Shortcodes button above each editor, it will pop up a lightbox of short codes, then select Team Member.



Fill in the information of the Team Member, then click Insert Shortcode button. 2015-05-29 22-49-33 - hao123

Step 2. Cut and paste the inserted Team Member Shortcode content to Shortcodes Columns.

1. Cut the inserted Team Member Shortcode content.

2. Select Shortcodes Columns.

3. Paste the Team Member shortcode to the Text of Columns.



Finally, click Insert Shortcode button. You can Preview it before Publish it.


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