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New Changes in SinglePage

Since the SinglePage lite version 1.2.7 and the SinglePage Pro version 2.3.4, big changes have been made for the settings of the Home Page.

  • Delete Enable Featured Homepage.
  • New Method to Set up Featured Home Page.

1. The Enable Featured Homepage option has been deleted

delete enable featured homepage

2. New method of Setup Featured Home Page.

Because the Enable Featured Homepage option was deleted, the method of Featured Home Page need to change accordingly. Following are the steps.

1. Create a new page titled “Front Page”, then select template ‘Home Page’ and publish.

2. Go to Administration > Settings > Reading > Front page displays, select the front page which was created in step 1 and save changes.

Front page displays



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  1. i have written several times to get some assistance. My site is i have installed your theme . It works beautifully on the laptop and pc. However wehave several issues with it on the mobile devices. the theme works for several days then magically reverts back to another theme . please help look up the theme on a mobile device. Please contact me. This has to wwork or i willhave to do the site over with another theme .

  2. Step one says:
    “1. Create a new page titled “Front Page”, then select template ‘Home Page’ and publish.”
    But I’m not seeing that Template option under the Attributes heading.
    Help please?

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