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One Page Scroll Theme: Home Page Sections Setting

Go to Appearance > Theme Options > Home Page, first select Enable Featured Homepage, then select the numbers of sections. (As you see in the picture, we select 4) Now, you can set up  sections 1-4.



Section ID: Set up a unique ID for each section, the ID can be used to set up homepage sidebar menu to scroll to                                pages. (See : Creating Menus)

Section Title: Name the title of the section and it will display above the section.

Section Sub-title: Name the sub-title and it will display under the section title.

Section Title Typography: Select font and color for the section title.

Section Sub-Title Typography: Select font and color for the section sub-title.

Section Content Typography: Select font and color for section content.

Section Background: Select color for background images and background color.

Section Css Class: Type the name of Section Css Class.

Section Content: Type the content.

Once every sections are set up, click on  save options button.




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