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Onetake WordPress Theme Manual


1.Installation via Dashboard

  • Log in to the WordPress Dashboard.
  • Go to Appearance->Themes.
  • Click on Install Themes at the top.
  • Click on Add New at the top.
  • Here upload the zip or in upload box and click on upload button.
  • You will see the theme. Click onInstall Now to install the theme.

2. Installation via FTP

  • Unzip to your Desktop.
  • Using an FTP client to access your host web server. Go to /wp-content/themes/
  • Upload theme to /wp-content/themes/.
  • Go to Appearance->Themes and activate theme from Dashboard.

More details:

Header Settings

1. Upload Logo and Favicon
Go to Appearance > Theme Options > General Options to upload logo and favicon.(The recommended size of the logo is 248*65 px )
2. Header Title &Tagline
Go to Appearance > Header to set your Header title and tagline.

3. Header Image
Go to Appearance > Header to add an Header image by click Add New Image button.(The recommended size is 1920*89 px)

Setup Home Page Sections and Navigation

Onetake theme is based on one page theme. Below steps will guide you how to set up navigation with their appropriate sections.
Go to Theme options > Home Page > select any section from below. As you can see there is a text box with title Section ID so add section id to that box without having any space or symbol. This section id should be call on WP appearance menus by using # after menu URL. e.g.: your section id is “section-introduction” so your have to go to appearance > menus > select Links > add menu URL and Link Text, URL should be like this “#section-introduction”. So this URL will be related to the section which has section id “section-introduction”.

You can also follow these screenshots.

If this is the first time you’ve installed onetake theme, Go to Theme options, click the ‘Restore Defaults’ button to restore default options, then skip to step 3.

step 1: Add home page sections


step 2: Create One Page Menu


step 3: Creating a Static Front Page

  • Create a Front Page: In Pages choose Add New Page. Title it “Home”.
  • If the WordPress Theme offers an option to change the look and feel of the front page, select the Template in the Page Attributes panel box.
  • Add content you would like to see within the content area of the static front page, or leave it blank if it is a Dynamic front page.
  • Publish the Page.


step 4: Select template

step 5: Assign the Front Page

  • Go to Administration > Settings > Reading panel.
  • Set Front page displays to a static page
  • In the drop down menu for Front Page select “Home.”
  • Save changes.


Setup Portfolio(Pro)

Go to Administration > portfolio > categories to add portfolio category.

onetake theme portfolio category

Then go to Administration > portfolio  > add new to add title, description, skills etc for portfolio.

A. Add title, description, skills.

Add New Post ‹ HOOTHEME DEMO — WordPress

B. Add featured image, gallery. (Featured image is the thumbnails in the Portfolios.)

Add New Post ‹ HOOTHEME DEMO — WordPress2

C. Add Attributes.

Edit Post ‹ HOOTHEME DEMO — WordPress3

In this way, you can add more portfolios, then open the portfolio item link and it will show as the following.

Porfolio Five   Onetake Pro WordPress Theme Demo

Use Shortcodes(Pro)

On the top of every Editor, there is a Onetake Shortcodes button .20150320225701
Click the Onetake Shortcodes, it will pop up a lightbox, then you can choose to set all the Onetake shortcodes in the lightbox.
2015032022584820150321201656Once the shortcode option is set, click on Insert Shortcode button, then insert the Shortcodes to the Editor.20150320230945Then preview the page, you will see the effect as the following.20150321203542To see all the shortcodes, please click this link:

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