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Dropcap is the first letter of a paragraph, it is much bigger than the other words of the paragraph and it drops down two or more lines of the text. Adding a Dropcap at the beginning of the paragraph will give a nice look and effect of your sites. View Shortcodes

Google Map


By using the Google Map shortcodes, you can embed a Google Map in your page, post or sections for your websites. View Shortcodes


Porfolio Five   Onetake Pro WordPress Theme Demo

To embed portfolio projects on posts and pages or sections, first create Portfolio Categories on your site and add the Categories to your portfolio.Next, insert  the Portfolio Shortcode to a post, page or sections. The shortcode will display projects in different ways, depending on how you use the optional attributes to customize the portfolio layout.

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Pricing Table 2015-07-22 22-23-38

Pricing Table Shortcode is used to display tables with prices and descriptions for products and packages. The pricing tables offer you a beautiful way to showcase your various products and how their features and prices compare with each other. What before would have been a complicated HTML endeavor can now be created quickly and easily using the Pricing Table Shortcode.



Service Shortcode is used to present and explain the features and functions of your products clearly, thus it will make your product outstanding and highly attractive to buyers. Besides, you can use the Service to introduce your business scope etc. Service has powerful functions and it is easy to use. View shortcodes



It is simple and easy to add Fact in your website by inserting the Fact Shortcode. Just fill in the fields of Number and Name and then click Insert Shortcode button.



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