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The most popular 9 WordPress plugins in 2018

WordPress is the best platform for creating any type of website, as it is not only easy for novices but also very flexible. However, some of WordPress’s features are not set by default, so you must find ways to add specific features.

Fortunately, the larger WordPress community has created a functional solution for plugins. You can install these plugins on the WordPress website to get new options and features. You may be able to find powerful plugins that can help you get everything done.

However, picking up a variety of available plugins can be a waste of time, so in this article, we’ll cover the top 9 popular WordPress plugins in 2018.

1, Jetpack

Jetpack is a full-featured plug-in (Automattic) created by WordPress developers that provides a complete set of module-by-module activation. This includes features such as contact forms, website security, user interaction options, website backups, and more.

If you’re buying an advanced version, you can also use the software to help your site get a higher ranking on search engines and get a lot of useful advertising tools.

Key features:

  • · Provide protection from brute force attacks
  • · Allows you to secure your login and add two-factor authentication to your website.
  • · Includes different analytics and social sharing tools.

2. Yoast SEO

Search engine optimization is a strategy that can effectively help your site improve its rankings in search engines like Google and Bing. However, the rules and guidelines of search engines are complex and it is still difficult to implement them effectively. Fortunately, Yoast SEO makes it easier to optimize posts and pages by providing a range of tools to tweak your keywords and customize the display segments on the search engine.

Key features:

  • · Allows you to optimize search engine results, including title, URL, and meta description.
  • · Analyze your pages and posts to give you suggestions for improvement.
  • · Lets you control which pages of your site can be displayed in Google’s search results.

3. Contact Form 7

You must expect that visitors to the site will be able to reach you, whether you want to share ideas about your content or sign up for your service, and adding a contact form directly on the site is a very convenient way. Contact Form 7 allows you to add multiple contact forms on the page — and customize them so that users can submit the information you need.

Key features:

  • · Allows you to create and customize contact forms and embed them in your pages or posts.
  • · Easier to add unique fields to the table.
  • · Enables you to enable the captcha feature in the form to combat spam.

4. WooCommerce

One feature that comes with the WordPress platform is the creation of e-commerce stores. This is where woocommerce comes in handy. This plugin is the most popular e-commerce solution for WordPress users, and you can use it to build online stores and sell physical or digital products. Its developers also offer a number of useful free or paid extensions that bring additional features to your store.

Key features:

  • · Allows you to display and sell physical and digital goods in a straight line on your website.
  • · Includes different payment and shipping options.
  • · Provide a variety of extensions with different functions.

5. The Events Calendar

You can use a lot of plugins to add event lists to your website. The Events Calendar is one of the best tools because it’s easy to use and delivers high quality results. Plus, you can completely customize your calendar — and updating your calendar is easy.

Key features:

  • · Create time and add them to a systemized calendar.
  • · Allow users to view your calendar in a variety of ways.
  • · Integrate additional features such as search capabilities and maps.

6. Slider Revolution

Slider Revolution is another plugin that includes many premium WordPress themes. It can help you create a sliding page and frame for your website to improve the design of your website. The plugin offers a number of options to showcase your images, posts, videos and other content in a visually appealing and user-friendly way.

Key features:

  • · Includes a visual, draggable page editor to streamline the design process.
  • · Allows you to add sliding pages and scroll wheels to your website.
  • · Provide pre-page design tools so you can customize your main page.

Price: 25 USD

7. Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress

At this time, if you don’t use social media strategically, it’s hard to create an effective online entity. Fortunately, with the Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress plugin, you can easily integrate social media into WordPress. You can add buttons to your website to encourage visitors to share your content through their own social media accounts.

In addition, the plugin has a host of other content, such as email registration forms, analytics tools, and many extensions that promote user social sharing.

Key features:

  • · Allows you to add social media sharing buttons to posts and pages.
  • · Contains 53 templates, as well as many design options and animations.
  • · Integrated with over 50 different social media networks.

Price: 19 USD

8. Akismet

The Akismet plugin is pre-configured in many WordPress installations, so it’s easy to ignore it or forget to activate it, but it’s a great tool. It can help your site by filtering spam comments so that visitors don’t have to see irrelevant ads or duplicate information when viewing your content. The free version of the plugin is sufficient for most websites, but you can also choose a paid version based on your business.

Key features:

  • · Automatically check all comments on the site and filter out potential spam.
  • · Allows you to view comments that are marked as spam so you can make corrections if necessary.
  • · Connected to a global, real-time updated database, which means the plugin has been improving.

Price: Free

9. UpdraftPlus

Regardless of the type of website you operate, regular backups are very important. Having a secure, up-to-date website backup allows you to recover quickly from attacks, errors and other issues. UpdraftPlus is undoubtedly the most popular WordPress backup plugin. It’s easy to use, it can store your files, and it offers more features than most backup plugins.

Key features:

  • · Allows you to back up and restore your website with one click.
  • · Allows you to store your backup files in places like Dropbox, Google Drive, and DreamObjects.
  • · Easily set up an automated backup schedule that saves you a lot of time.

Price: Free

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