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Use SinglePage Slider

For the theme SingePage Pro, we have SinglePage Slider for you to create Awesome Homepage Slider like pro demo.

View the Demo here.

To use the SinglePage Slider, you should make sure to add an image for each slide.

In your dashboard, go to SinglePage Slider to add new slider. Once you adding a new slider, you will see Slides options including Title, Slide Type, Slide Image, Slide Content and Slide Typography.

1. Slide Type, Slide Image

For the Slide Type, there three types, Image, Html5 video background and Full screen iframe.



You can choose to use the ones you like to show in your homepage. No matter what types you choose, you need to add an image for them.

  • Image Type-adding Slide Image,
  • Html5 video background- adding Poster Image,
  • Full screen ifram-adding Pattern Image

See the illustrations below.








2. Slide Content, Content Typography

You can write Slide Content and set Content Typography after uploading an Image. If you want add more images or videos, click Add New button.

When you choose Html5 video background and Full screen ifram, you need to embed video url. There are three types of video url for you to choose for Html 5 video background.  If you want to add more videos, click Add New button.



After setting all the options of Slides, click Publish button, you will see the Homepage slider like pro demo.

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