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WordPress anti-spam plugin: Antispam Bee

Antispam Bee is another anti-spam plugin that is officially included in WordPress. Although there is an official akismet of WordPress, there are some differences in the existence of this plugin.

The plugin is completely free, it has more features than akismet, and it is compatible with GDPR, which is more important.

Akismet or Antispam Bee

The plugin has some interesting features:

  • Trust approved commenters.
  • Trust commenters with a Gravatar.
  • Consider the comment time.
  • Allow comments only in a certain language.
  • Block or allow commenters from certain countries.
  • Treat BBCode as spam.
  • Validate the IP address of commenters.
  • Use regular expressions.
  • Search local spam database for commenters previously marked as spammers.
  • Notify admins by e-mail about incoming spam.
  • Delete existing spam after n days.
  • Limit approval to comments/pings (will delete other comment types).
  • Select spam indicators to send comments to deletion directly.
  • Optionally exclude trackbacks and pingbacks from spam detection.
  • Optionally spam-check comment forms on archive pages.
  • Display spam statistics on the dashboard, including daily updates of spam detection rate and a total of blocked spam comments.

Download Antispam Bee

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